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8ERS. The 8 Movement. We cre8 and motiv8. We initi8 and encourage others to reciproc8. If you're in pain, we try to help allevi8. A place where the gr8 attract the gr8. We are a family and we dont h8. So... the question is, would you like to particip8? Excerpt from a fellow 8ER: "Being an 8er to me is having a voice loud enough for others to hear. Not just my voice but the voice of my fellow 8ers coming together as one. To find the positive and the gr8ness within yourself and then touching others with it as well..."Read more about me »


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May 10th, 2010 by dallasaustin received 2,950 Comments »

On Saturday I went to go to Piedmont Park to jog and get some stuff off my mind.

Little did I know the amazing things that were in store for that day.

When I arrived, there were so many ppl there! I noticed that they were having a “Walk for Lupus” around the park and thought it would be nice if I participated. Before I signed up, I didn’t know what Lupus was. I decided to educate myself and walked to a booth that was handing out pamphlets on the disease. I spoke to an amazing young woman by the name of Shanika. Shanika was very knowledgeable on the subject and then told me that she had Lupus. If you don’t know what Lupus is, it is an autoimmune disease that can damage any parts of your body. It’s chronic. To read more about Lupus, go here:

Anyways, after our conversation, I decided I wanted to dedicate my walk to her. I signed up, donated and wrote her name on a sticker and placed it on my shirt!!

After the walk with hundreds of supporters, a lady by the name of Ursula approached me and asked me if I was interested in acro yoga. I said yes and she directed me to the top of the hill. There were 2 different activities set up – the acro yoga and the bongos. Well, me being in music – I instinctively made my way to the drums. Playing instruments outside with strangers was great. It was as if the music just brought us together as a whole.

After that, I decided to go to the Yoga area. I bent in ways that I never thought I could!! It was pretty cool.

Next, I went to an area underneath a tree where Caryn was doing some sort of self-visualization meditation… It required us all to lay on our backs, underneath the tree, looking towards the sky. She then made us close our eyes and she guided us on our VISUAL journey to make decisions. It was a pretty neat experience. Anyways, I really enjoyed the Positive Vibes in the Park. I hope they continue to have these events at the park more often.

I just wanted to let all of my 8ERS know that it feels gr8 to help others. I hope that ya’ll try to become more active in your community to help others — that is what an 8ER is all about. :)
Spread the love, smiles and positivity!! :)

A letter to the #8erFAMILY

May 7th, 2010 by katyislucky received No Comments »
Dear family,
I don’t really know how to start but I have something to say. First, I want to thank you all for being great! THE 8 MOVEMENT totally changed my life. I can see the bright side. When something terrible happens, I know that everything will be ok someday. I often hear things like “my life is terrible” or “i hate everything” from my friends. I used to think the same last year but @DALLASAUSTIN saved my life. Thank you so much for this, daddy! And thanks Mcfly for letting me know about Dallas. You’re all awesome! Also, there’s another awesome person here…Lovely mama @KatyIsLucky! I really love her so much. She makes me smile all the time and if I can’t read her or daddy’s tweets for a while, I get bored and upset. So…When I’m alone at home; you make me have fun. When I have an argument with my friends; you make me forget about it. When I feel like I need to cry; you make me feel better. When I have to cheer someone up; I use your quotes! They really work. Now I feel I’m addicted to you, addicted to love! I bet my #8ER sisters and brothers agree with me. YOU ARE MY HEROES! <3

PS: Please don’t forget to smile whenever you look at the mirror! That will make you feel happier. :) x

Türkü /@turqsaysboo

Tribute to the 8ERS

May 6th, 2010 by dallasaustin received 1 Comment »

A tribute to the #8ERS – Cre8ted by @caroolmcfly & friends.

Have you said “I Love You” today?

May 4th, 2010 by katyislucky received 4 Comments »

Have you said “I love you” to the ones you love today???  I know you may think that you don’t have time for that, or that “they already know I love them”… We are all so full of excuses when we have to talk about our feelings…

Recently I’ve lost my best friend in a car accident. I was really devastated by the news, but when I finally stopped crying and thought about everything that we had lived together, I felt happy because all my life I had told him I loved him, and that he was my best friend. And he also always told me that he loved me!!!

Don’t be afraid to show your feelings!! If you love someone, just go there and say it!!! Tell your family and friends how important they are to you! Always leave a place knowing you’ve left someone happy and smiling. Make sure to say: “God bless you”, ” Thank you”, “You are very important!” ” I love you” to as many people as you can… This might be the last time you’ll see them, and they will remember you forever!

I don’t want to sound tragic by saying all of this, but it’s typical of the human kind not to pay attention to these little details and, when we do, it’s too late. So why not do it now??? It doesn’t matter if people say “that’s ridiculous”… SHOW YOUR LOVE TO THE ONES YOU LOVE!!! IT’S URGENT!!! OUR WORLD NEEDS IT!!! WE ALL NEED SOMEONE TO TELL US HOW IMPORTANT WE ARE TO THEM!!!! BE THE ONE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!

When Dallas gave me the chance to post on his blog, my heart was filled with happiness because he trusted me to come here and share my thoughts and feelings with you!!! I really hope my words can make you re-think about your life, and maybe help you in any way!!!

To all my friends, family and the rest of the world I say I LOVE YOU!!!! I might not know all of you but YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME!!! YOU ARE SPECIAL! YOU ARE BLESSED!!!

When I leave this life I want you to think of me with a smile!!! I hope to stay here for a long time, because I really love my life, but only God knows when the time has come! …

Spread love! show your love!! make love!!! receive love!!! Feel the love!


@KatyIsLucky (#8ERMAMMA)

~~Thank You~~

April 30th, 2010 by free2beeme received 4 Comments »

I wanted to take a minute and share what I have been going through this last week. I was hit with the devastating news that a lump in my breast maybe cancerous. I say may be because one doctor is only 70% certain, because of that we are currently waiting on the results from a second opinion. If that wasn’t enough I have been battling an incurable disease half my life called Endometriosis. I have had countless surgeries in removing this disease however it seems to return every year. So yet again I was struck with the news that is was back. I thought my world would stop or even possibly end if I was ever hit with the “C” word. Yeah I broke down and cried for about 10 minutes, but there were some very inspiring people who would not allow that. One being the man in my life, he has been a godsend through all of this. He has shown me that there is still a lot of strength in me, and that I must press on. He has been very optimistic and has found the positive in such a negative situation. I wanted to take time out and thank a few people who have been very inspirational to me, and their kind words have kept me going. These are my twitter favs, thank you so much to @alex_242 @DonLorenzo20 @NoE_pv @MrYoungCEO @DRock813 @AbbyLuna @Endubya @DALLASAUSTIN and the one who has brought me to tears with her kind words @ASS_PoPwRiTeR. If it wasn’t for all these wonderful people pushing me each day I don’t know if I would have the strength to keep it going. I have taken a long look at my life these last few days. I see things more clearly and have become more appreciative for those in my life. I have started to love harder as well. It is such a sad thing that people have to be hit with tragedy in order to find gratitude. I know I have a lot of fight in me, and when I don’t I know I have a wonderful support group that will put the fight back in me. I am not ready to give up on life, maybe this is now my opportunity to start living my life. Each breath I now take feels like I am breathing for the very first time. Thank you Dallas for creating such a wonderful movement. If it was not for you and the members of this movement I don’t know if I would of found my inner strength. I may not know most of these people personally but I can tell you they are in my heart. Thank You again!!


Monica Feat. Ludacris – Still Standing


April 29th, 2010 by dallasaustin received No Comments »

8ER PRIDE – CRE8TED BY @cortlandmcfly

Peace on Earth

April 27th, 2010 by dallasaustin received No Comments »

Peace on Earth… 8ERS style. Cre8ted by @theactorvist.


April 27th, 2010 by dallasaustin received No Comments »

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The blessing of having a special child

April 26th, 2010 by katyislucky received 97 Comments »

For many people around the world, when they find out that their child has down syndrom, Cri du Chat syndrom or any other syndrom it’s like hell! They think they’re being punished for something they might have done to God. They are so wrong!!! The truth is that when you find out about something like this you get scared because you’ll have to face prejudice, ignorance… But God only gives us what we can handle and I know what it’s like to have a special child in the family.

My brother is 35 years old. He was born with the Cri du Chat Syndrom when my mother was 6 months pregnant! He was a premature baby and when he cried, it sounded like the meaow of a baby cat (Cri du Chat in French). I am the oldest child and all my life I had to deal with the prejudice of the society. We tried putting him in regular schools and people would not accept him saying that he was “crazy” and they didn’t have place for crazy people. For many nights I’ve seen my mother crying. I promised her that I wouldn’t leave her as long as my brother lived! She needed me to help her with him! That’s why I still live with my parents!

Deco, my brother, is just like a child! He doesn’t know how to speak, write, read… but he has his own way to communic8 with us! And we understand him so well!! He is crazy about me and I love to play with him! He is the most innocent person I’ve ever known in my entire life! He understands everything we say and he shows his feelings as well! He cries when people treat him with ignorance and prejudice, cause he knows he’s not like you or me!

I just wish our society could stop looking at these special people with pitty! They’re special because they were born to teach us about patience, love, respect! I feel so blessed to have him in my home, because from him I’ve learnt the real meaning of the words: LOVE, INCLUSION!!!

If you have a special person in your family, do not ignore him! Give him all your love! I am sure the love you’ll receive back will be GIGANTIC!!!!



Eyes of an 8ER

April 26th, 2010 by dallasaustin received 909 Comments »

This is how an 8ER sees things…

Always looking ahead, with a smile. :)

Photo by @codilicious