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The blessing of having a special child

April 26th, 2010 by katyislucky received 97 Comments »

For many people around the world, when they find out that their child has down syndrom, Cri du Chat syndrom or any other syndrom it’s like hell! They think they’re being punished for something they might have done to God. They are so wrong!!! The truth is that when you find out about something like this you get scared because you’ll have to face prejudice, ignorance… But God only gives us what we can handle and I know what it’s like to have a special child in the family.

My brother is 35 years old. He was born with the Cri du Chat Syndrom when my mother was 6 months pregnant! He was a premature baby and when he cried, it sounded like the meaow of a baby cat (Cri du Chat in French). I am the oldest child and all my life I had to deal with the prejudice of the society. We tried putting him in regular schools and people would not accept him saying that he was “crazy” and they didn’t have place for crazy people. For many nights I’ve seen my mother crying. I promised her that I wouldn’t leave her as long as my brother lived! She needed me to help her with him! That’s why I still live with my parents!

Deco, my brother, is just like a child! He doesn’t know how to speak, write, read… but he has his own way to communic8 with us! And we understand him so well!! He is crazy about me and I love to play with him! He is the most innocent person I’ve ever known in my entire life! He understands everything we say and he shows his feelings as well! He cries when people treat him with ignorance and prejudice, cause he knows he’s not like you or me!

I just wish our society could stop looking at these special people with pitty! They’re special because they were born to teach us about patience, love, respect! I feel so blessed to have him in my home, because from him I’ve learnt the real meaning of the words: LOVE, INCLUSION!!!

If you have a special person in your family, do not ignore him! Give him all your love! I am sure the love you’ll receive back will be GIGANTIC!!!!



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