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Break Free

April 15th, 2010 by free2beeme received No Comments »

For all those that are always asking for me to write more… Here you go.. I wrote the below, because we all have a consent fight within ourselves. We always have that fight to break through the chains, and to live free and as a better person. Some times changing yourself is a hard task. So often is it way easier just to slide back to old behaviors and old ways because that is what we are comfortable with. No ever said change was an easy task. However quit fighting yourself and break free!!!


The things I do are because of the chains of restriction.

The feeling of independence, and the right to prove the ignorant wrong.

I hate being confined, tucked in a space into the minds of right’s and wrong’s, do’s and dont’s.

I like the freedom, and doing what I please.

But coming back on my past decisions, make me sink to my knees and think; What the hell am I doing?

Is it the stress eating me, and contorting my mind?

Is it the fights, the battles, and the sickness of hearing the words; “Everythings gonna be alright”?

My tattered emotions on the verge of breaking, pacing, and shaking.

While all the complications make my heart race, my pulse accelerates.

Impulses of anger, and crying out of spite.

I run and run, punch and scream, but there will always be a rebellious beast within me.

Only time can tell when the rage will, hoping it won’t last.

Never wanting to take a stroll with my broken past.

My future will hopefully bring peace with new souls, and new lives.

But on the turn tables of life, who knows.

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