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h8ters! – Y doesnt the media take out hate?

January 12th, 2010 by DRock813 received No Comments »

Yo its me D Rock 8-1-3! Happy New Year 8ers hope everyone’s holiday season was as ROWDY as mine. This is a brand new year and we should all be about brand new beginnings and spreading love, joy, happiness, and pos8ive energy into the universe. That’s the power of the 8– everything comes back around!!
Recently there have been some h8er sites out there questioning peoples sexuality, like there is nothing better to do with their time? We shouldn’t pay organizations like that any attention, that’s all they want, the more sensational the story is, the more “viewers” they look to grab, therefor I’m not going to mention any names of these h8ful places. So don’t believe everything your hear in the media
We need to eliminate hate from our world in these trying times. Anyone that has something bad to say about another person “deserves a hug”, they obviously have no one showing them love! All in all 8ers lets make it our goal to try and give at least 8 hugs per week and hopefully we can spread the love <3 So until next time stay pos8ive – stay cre8ive – & stay ROWDY! Because in TWENTY TEN WE WIN!!!!!!!!


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