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January 3rd, 2010 by free2beeme received 6 Comments »


 So with the New Year here, many of us have set our New Years Resolution. Did you know statics say 80% of all resolutions that are made, are broke within the first week? What is it that makes so many of us break those resolutions/goals? What can you do better to make sure you are successful in reaching your goal/dream? Have you ever thought it is the goal itself? I learned something today that I couldn’t wait to share. Maybe with these tips we can be more successful. Many of us when we have our drive, and ambition set on high we set goals/dreams as to what we want to DO. For example get in shape, be more generous, quit smoking. Why not set a goal about WHO you want to BE, instead of WHAT you want to DO. A person’s success has the potential to take them further then their character can sustain. Who you are at your core will determine your success, and what you’ll be. So often we point our finger at celebs for their mishaps. We judge and say things like “if I had all that money I would…” “If I had that success I would never…” If you have never determined WHO you want to BE in your heart, you to can make the same mistakes. To be successful in reaching your goals/dreams determine WHO you want to BE in your heart, before trying to become something.

 Have you ever thought about how you want to be remembered? If you don’t know WHO you want to BE try this. What do you want people to say about you at your funeral? What would you want your spouse, child, best friends or co-workers to say? Whenever you set a goal ask yourself why should I achieve that? What is at stake by not achieving it? In making my goal/dreams reachable, and successful I started setting BE goals whether then DO goals.

 Here are a couple of my life BE goals;

 Honesty: I want to BE an honest person. What is at stake by not being an honest person? I would lose my integrity. I would not have the trust of my spouse or child. Do I really want to be remembered as a dishonest person?

 Generosity: I want to always give much to those who don’t have much. What is at stake by not being generous? When a person tends to own to many things, we become owned by our things… Yes we all want multiple cars, houses etc… You ever stop and think how much of your material things consume your life; consume your well being… If you think not, ask yourself this; how many times are you stressed out about making that car payment, or paying those credit cards off etc. I would not want to be remembered as a greedy person, drowning in debt.

 So in end at your funeral your TRUE definition of success will be shown. By not what I had DONE, but by whom I WAS. If I am a dishonest or greedy person, then I have failed. I have failed at my own success. How do you think you will succeed in DOING something, if you can’t BE something?

 So while you re-evaluate your resolutions, ask yourself who do you want to BE this year? What/How do you want to be remembered this year? Whatever your personal success in life is, it is a true reflection of what is at your core/heart/soul.




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6 Responses to “*****SUCCESS*****”

  1. ” Have you ever thought about how you want to be remembered? ” Yes, that is a great question and I believe everyone should ask themselves that! I asked myself that question a couple of years ago and I thought about it. I honestly dont care how i am remembered but i know i will never forgive myself if i knew i didnt contribute to a change in the world and at that point I feel like I’ve failed my Father (God). Then I might as well never lived at all.

  2. Great! I don’t mind an fun story once in a while! They don’t all have tobe so serious ;-P … I sit all day at work in front of a computer and I need something to keep me awake and entertained, lol. Thanks again. Later

    K. Littler
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  3. Andy Krofta says:

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