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8ERS. The 8 Movement. We cre8 and motiv8. We initi8 and encourage others to reciproc8. If you're in pain, we try to help allevi8. A place where the gr8 attract the gr8. We are a family and we dont h8. So... the question is, would you like to particip8? Excerpt from a fellow 8ER: "Being an 8er to me is having a voice loud enough for others to hear. Not just my voice but the voice of my fellow 8ers coming together as one. To find the positive and the gr8ness within yourself and then touching others with it as well..."Read more about me »


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Archive for October 19th, 2012

A Ninja Love Story: Yes

Friday, October 19th, 2012

This was actually sent to me some time ago…i thought of someone and remembered exactly how dope this is, enjoy
A Ninja Love Story: Yes
“Hey everyone. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday and of course I had to do something else special for her this year. I made a love story about 2 ninjas, the orange being the female and [...]